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Москва, Фридриха Энгельса, 31/35

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Москва, Фридриха Энгельса, 31/35

приходите в гастрокафе «Открытая кухня»

Мое кулинарное образование

Motivation letter


I am interested to study in SWISSAM for program ACF Culinary Arts, because I want to turn my hobby in my professional purpose. It seems me that it’s too boring to be only a «desperate house wife fond of cooking», so it’s time to reach a new level.

I have no doubt that it’s my professional mission and I don’t want to waste a single second for doing «not my work» and learning useless information.

I graduated two higher educations, but unfortunately, none has become my professional destiny. No, they definitely help me in my life and played an important role in my personality formation, but during my professional way I never had a wonderful feeling of job satisfaction. And of course, now I have no plans for future with them.

It s necessary to say that being a social educator for my first higher education, helps me now to build with my child healthy and friendly relationships.

Second higher education «Management in organization» formed the basis of useful in our times experiences, such as intention for achievement, creativity and sociability, and I hope it will help me to achieve some results in future.

I have been always interested in cooking, but I never thought that once I would have courage and perseverance to admit myself that it’s can be my professional purpose. Comprehension appeared about one year ago, when I decided to create a cooking page in a popular social network.

On this page I shared with all interested users photos of my food, which I usually cook at home for my family and friends and then write original recipes for its pictures.

Nowadays I can be a little bit proud of myself. I have some achievements and my page look more than 10,000 thousand people. Every day I enjoy of creating new dishes, inventing new recipes, and learning new information. In this new stage for me, books serves as a good support, and now I have a numerous collection books of popular chefs. Every day I get thanks letters of my followers, and this motivate me strongly to search for more inspiration and professional skills.

But I clearly understand, that without culinary education it becomes heavier and of course not professional. Sometimes I go wrong with some kind of recipes and food, basically some kind of pastry.

My project needs a conceptualization, because now it looks like hobby and one more idea among the same. I would like to share it with SWISSAM team to catch professional opinion.

Also, my project needs multi professional’s attention. It applies to different parts of culinary such as pastry skills, desserts, food processing, the nutritional value of foods, security and health standards and etc.

I want SWISSAM help me to touch restaurant kitchen inside and of course to receive theoretical and practical knowledge. I really believe that SWISSAM opportunities, such as professional team with European chefs and well-equipped kitchen, could contribute my own progress.

To say true, when I realized my personal need for education, the first thoughts was about learning abroad. For this I had  a reason, me and my family a fans devoted to European cuisine (French, Italian and Spanish cuisine) but when I occasionally know about SWISSAM I was really happy to know there is now need to go far.

My thoughts, aspirations and hopes are directly tied now with a new experience and education in SWISSAM. Strongly motivated I will try to show the strongest sides of my personality, such as hardworking, singleness of purpose and responsibility.

I am looking forward an opportunity to study in SWISSAM and hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Savochkina Mariia